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21/04/14 @ 02:20am

aprilskiesss thanks for appreciating that popcorn w/ the chile. You get it 😘

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@ 12:54am

You ever throw up in a dairy queen bathroom because the person driving you home is such a terrible driver? 10/10 would not recommend. It’s bad news.

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@ 12:47am
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Song: I Want You 'Round
Artist: Mary Wells
Album: East Side Story Vol. 1
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@ 12:47am
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20/04/14 @ 06:27pm

Just wanna never leave you ever.

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@ 04:26pm

Baby boy πŸΆπŸ’‹

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@ 02:50pm


Easter selfie. Happy Easter everyone!!!

What a cute lady

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@ 03:38am
Tapatio on popcorn? lol what's that like? β—€


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@ 03:36am
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19/04/14 @ 11:28pm

I see you have a saxophone, however you are not Lisa Simpson or Bill Clinton, so I am unimpressed. Bye.